Cold In Heaven


Cold In Heaven

“Cold in Heaven” is a beautiful ballad that can be summed up in the lyrics, “The icy fringe that’s settin’ in is tearing us apart.  A man can withstand anything except a broken heart”.  “Cold in Heaven” conveys that moment with striking commitment. 

The video was shot on location in the mountains around Malibu and on the beach there as well.  Annalee Tarr co-starred with David in the video.  The song itself is perfect for radio play, performance, a theme song to a film or that scene in a film where love is falling apart.

“Cold in Heaven” is sung with subtle and then big vocal performances coupled with the roundness of steel guitar and the harmony of violins to portray it’s message.  The beautiful country side is a perfect setting to enhance the sincere performances by both David and Annalee.   

This video will be available for purchase soon!!!

Vocals: David Trent

Written by David Trent



Written by


The son of an American, patriotic family, David was born on a military base in Landstuhl, Germany, but raised since the age of 1 in the USA. Throughout all of his travels music has been a constant. "I remember singing along with top 40 AM radio and watching "Hee-Haw" with my Mom and Dad when I was a little boy,"

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