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David Trent spent most of the 1990’s-2000’s working to support his family as the owner of two construction companies.  In the early 1990’s his focus was on writing and performing country music.  Having married his now former spouse in 1994, they moved to Nashville to embark upon the career in country music he had dreamed of for many years.  With the birth of his first child, Isabella, in 1996, and his second child, Sophia, in 1999, David’s priorities changed.  With raising children, future college tuition in mind, and knowing how much of a long shot it is to make it in the music business, writing and performing music became second to earning a living.  His writing became occasional and in 2000 he moved his family back to Los Angeles.  However, the move back to LA turned out to be the right move to keep his dream alive.

The son of an American, patriotic family, David was born in 1960 at Simbach Air Force base in Landstuhl, Germany.  His recollection of Germany is limited, as his late father, Chief Master Sergeant, Bob Trent, was transferred to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, when David was just shy of the age of one.  David’s father was an 8 mm film buff and he recorded David’s early days and much of the family travels throughout Germany and Europe as well.  Those recorded moments won’t fade as treasured memories often do with time.  David’s mother, Marcia Trent, was the glue that held their family together.  Marcia was a kind and dedicated mother and wife and was at the bedside of her husband at the time of his death, after 51 years of marriage. 

At the age of 7 David took up little league football and baseball.  He continued to play both sports until graduating from Denton High school, Denton, Texas in 1978.  A letterman in both sports brought lasting memories and friendships.  It was also in high school when David’s mind shifted more toward music and he joined his first band, Fair Game.  As the lead singer of the band, Fair Game was a top 40 cover band that focused on Southern Rock and whatever was on AM radio at that time.   Mostly a party band, Fair Game went by the way side as David graduated and went to college.

Prior to attending college, David attended 8 schools in 5 states from California to Virginia.  He has seen the United States from one end to another.  Throughout all of his travels music has been a constant.  David reminisces “I remember singing along with top 40 AM radio and watching “Hee-Haw” with my Mom and Dad when I was a little boy,”.  Rather than dancing, David always preferred to be the one behind the mic motivating people to dance.  While attending University of North Texas in Denton, David took a gig here and there in various cover bands.  He often took the stage in open mic nights as well.  While in route to his BBA, David worked full time at a national chain grocery store and sometimes hauled hay. 

It was during his High School and college years that Country music took hold of David. He was really moved by the Bakersfield Sound with artists like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.  Though other artists have embraced this style of country music, David has great admiration for Dwight Yoakam, in particular, who he calls “The Historian” of  The Bakersfield Sound.  But David recognizes that other great artists such as Gram Parsons, Highway 101, Marty Stewart (who is a phenomenal picker), The Desert Rose Band and The Mavericks as leaders influenced by this great sound.  In the early 1990’s David wrote “Tie Me Up” and “Only You” that particularly embrace this genre of country music. 

As life changes so does the music.  The love of country music grew inside David.  He began to enjoy the more modern country played on top 40 radio.  Artists like Alabama, George Straight, Alan Jackson & Garth Brookes were changing the face of Country Music.  In 1994 David recorded and shot a video for his tune, “Cold In Heaven”.  The scenery in the video is georgous as it was shot on location at the beach and in the mountains surrounding Malibu.   Like other songs before it, it dealt with heartache and hope of reconciliation.  The video can be found on YouTube today.  Later that year David married and with big dreams in mind, they moved to Nashville.  

While in Nashville, David opened a construction company.  Having never owned a business before, he had no idea of the amount of work that went into business ownership.  This, along with a tumultuous marriage and the constant work on vintage home they were living in, took its toll on his music.  During his 6 year stint in Nashville, David wrote very few new tunes.  Only “Along Comes Friday Night”, “Dirtywork”, Burn This”, “Tricks of Time” and “She Painted Her Face” even became demos.  Feeling the ebb in life and never having marketed his tunes to anyone while living in Nashville, David packed up his family and moved back to Los Angeles.  It was during the next decade that David would divorce, get back to work and begin to write and record music once again.

Back in Los Angeles, David opened yet another construction company.  While singing at an open mic night one evening, met up with a guitar player and a partnership was formed for the The David Lewis band.  The songs “Open Your Heart”, “Angel of Mercy”, “I Found Home”, “Givin’ It”, “Feel The Heat” & “Far More Complicated” were made into demos.  Then again, the tunes were not marketed.  A strained relationship between the partners caused the band to dissolve before it really had a chance to start.  The songs were all shelved…until now.  You can find clips of 13 tunes in his new website,

Currently David is in the studio once again working on 2 new tunes.  He promises these are the best yet.  This time he has no plans on allowing anything to stop his musical efforts this time.  These 2 tunes should be added to the website in March 2012 and ready for sale through CD Baby, ITunes and other distributers. 

Through his music David hopes to touch the hearts of country music fans like so much country music has touched his heart before.  Please take a look at the website, take a listen and join his fan base.  Music lives and so should you. 

Here are a few tidbits that David has quoted:

Love of His Life: My 2 daughters Isabella and Sophia

Favorite Thing to Do: Be with Sophia & Isabella

Favorite Movie:  There are 2. “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “The Wizard of Oz” Honorable mention, “Bruce Almighty” and “Austin Powers” (the first one)

Favorite Food:  Ice Cream

Favorite TV Show:  Dexter & Two and A Half Men

Favorite Sport to Play:  Golf

Favorite Sport to Watch:  Boxing

Saddest Moment:  The death of my father

Happiest Moment:  Delivering my children