About DTM

David Trent Music was established in 2010 and possesses an eclectic roster of talent. It’s founder, David Trent, a country music singer / songwriter and popular music songwriter launched DTM as a way not only showcase his own talents, but to effectively market other promising musical artists. DTM combines highly personalized service with advanced technology in order to promote their artists.

David has a passion for the industry. But, he also has the belief in putting the interests of the artists, their music and DTM’s clients before anything else. DTM’s close attention to service and building enduring relationships sets them apart from the typical large music performance and promotion company.  Look for new artists to be added to the DTM website soon.

DTM’s efforts are not only focused on radio play, but they are also directed toward success with music placement in all manners of synchronization, including film, television, commercials, video games, trailers and various special markets.

Look for his new songs to be released around the end of March, 2012.