Photo Gallery

In the Studio

Here are some photos from my recent trip to the studio creating 2 new tunes for my upcoming release.

[img src=]00The studio
One of 3 studios we are working in.
[img src=]00Michael Zick On Guitar
Love working with Michael, we're laying down guitar tracks for "First Kiss" with Lucille...
[img src=]00Yours truly
I don't get much happier than this....
[img src=]00David and Ryan Hoyle after tracking drums on SAR
Great day working with the accomplished drummer from Collective Soul and Paul Rogers.
[img src=]00Ryan Hole behind the kit
Ryan took a moment so I could document him while in session
[img src=]00Michael Zick talking back
Michael Zick (Producer / Engineer) in communication with Ryan Hoyle via "talk back" while working on SAR
[img src=]00Ryan Holye - that's a wrap
Ryan Hoyle pauses for a moment after we called it a wrap for the day on SAR
[img src=]00Ryan Hoyle Editing
After working on the drum parts for SAR, Ryan does a little (very little needed) editing.
[img src=]00Courtney Leach
Courtney Leach visiting the studio during the drum tracking on SAR. She not only lends support here in the studio, but at home as well.
[img src=]00David, Ryan Hoyle and Michael Zick brainstorm
Ryan Hoyle, Michael Zick and I discuss the various parts of the tune SAR and discuss the direction of the drums